Is there an add-on to provide a PostIt like block?

Hi Everybody

I have just realised that it would be nice to have the facility on my site (Just developing under V9) to be able to dop a ‘postit’ on the Home page now and again. I am always doing that with paper postits on my monitor but wondered if some clever coder had created a ‘floating’ block we can use in V9 to do the same thing.

Your thoughts would be welcome.



If you mean notes that only appear in edit mode, see my Editor Comment block.

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Hi JohntheFish

Many thanks for the answer. I should have said that the note should be publishable.

In another website to which I contribute, not using Concrete, when inserting a block one has first the choice of a ‘Layout’ (1, 2, 3, 4 or custom) and then one has to choose a Widget that would be Text, Photo, etc. for each of the columns and the choices can be different in each column.

On the home page of the Concrete 9 site that I am currently trying to build (http://www, we have a footer block with Contact Us details as text formatted to the left and then a notice, which is actually an image, formatted right. What I want is a small ‘Latest News’ postit to drop in the middle. In the other site I would have just chosen a 3 column layout for the block.

Hope this explains what I am trying to do. Of course I am open to more whacky ideas if Concrete supports them. I recently found a website in which ‘news’ items emerge from one side of the screen then slide across and disappear off the other side.



In concrete page areas are defined by templates in your theme. Different themes come with different templates and arrangements of areas.

These can be modified by adding layouts to divide part of an area into further columns.

In v9 we also have containers, which are like more structured layouts pre-defined and provided with a theme. There are some provide by the core Atomik theme.

All are described in more detail in the editors documentation. You can also find videos on the YouTube channel.

Hi John

Many thanks for the response. I am delighted to hear that I can probably do my 3 column layout in a single block. All I need to do now is find the right page in the Documentation.

Best wishes


PS For any other Newbies following this, you need an empty page wide block. Click on it and you will get a menu: Add Block, Edit area design, Add Layout. Choose Add Layout and you can then set up one, two three or more columns if that is useful. Once created the ‘columns’ are simply blocks into which you need to apply Text, Image, etc.