Issue on NPM+ConcretecmsBedrock when setuping development environment

Hello guys.

So, I can make ConcreteCMS use an HTML layout trough an alternative way to achieve it. Not trough the oficial way.

Because I got stuck in Setup Development Environment :: Concrete CMS and feeling the dumbiest guy in the world for that.

I went for a lot of tutorials, articles and videos (even in others languages) to try to find a solution to the issue, but didn`t find a solution.

The error I got when I run npm install @concretecms/bedrock is this:

The log file:

(in NVM, VSCODE and CMD PROMPT I got the same error)

I’ve installed all versions of NODE and NPM and no one resolved that error.

Ah, made a lot different forms of installation to test and got the same error.

My setup:
Windows_NT 10.0.19045
node v18.16.1
npm v9.8.0

Any ideas?

Help, please!


Today I tried run npm install @concretecms/bedrock again and got this message:

Then wnet to next step and run npm install laravel-mix and got this message:

I’m not sure, but I think the error I post yesterday was gone and the node modules from @concretecms/bedrock was installed.

So, I went to next step and test my environment running npm run production to get this message:

Now, the NODE can’t finde five modules. On page Setup Development Environment :: Concrete CMS they tell to continue running npm run install before npm run production.

IN the middle of the process, googled another time “problemas npm node error 4058” and found this thred: node.js - Git Error -4058 while trying to npm install nw-builder - Stack Overflow were user called “Jaredcheeda” replied telling to install “Git”.

I did it.

After installation of GIt, went to dev folder and make all steps on this page again Setup Development Environment :: Concrete CMS.

And got this message:

Now I`m very happy to continue my saga.

Thanks for read this. =o)


@grafenno nice, so just to confirm you’re all set now? Or were you running into any other issues?