Language problem in editor

Hello, i have a problem using greek language in Editor. instead of saving the utf character, for example Α, Β, Γ, it saves α, β, γ . Which i think is a problem for Google. I found on internet that a solution is to add config.entities_greek = false; to CKEditor configuration, so i added this line to concrete\js\ckeditor4\vendor\config.js which claims that “Defines changes to default configuration”. But the problem persists. Anyone that found a solution? Thank you in advance

To anyone interested, i found a solution: find file ckeditor.js located at path: updates > concrete_cms_9* (enter your version here) > concrete > js > ckeditor, then search for entities_greek. Change the second result from CKEDITOR.config.entities_greek = !0 to CKEDITOR.config.entities_greek = !1.

Nice, thanks for posting the solution @kiossesd!