Login Pages not showing error messaging

I have a site and I am using my own login pages which I have changed in the config app,php and then I copied the login form here as I need to make same layout changes to it application/authentication/concrete/form.php

but for some reason the validation has stopped working.

all this is in V9.2

I have

 View::element('system_errors', [
                        'format' => 'block',
                        'error' => isset($error) ? $error : null,
                        'success' => isset($success) ? $success : null,
                        'message' => isset($message) ? $message : null,
                    $innerContent = ;

in my view but nothing I do sorts the messages

I remember having a similar issue except I wasn’t editing form.php. I think it was caused by putting my custom login.php in my themes folder instead of the application/single_pages folder.

I have found the issue.

I did have the error code in my login.php