Logo dissappearing on mobile site

Hi team,

I’ve also posted this on the replica theme marketplace page - apologies if this is doubling up.

I’ve setup a customer portal using the replica theme and changed the login page to load the page theme. Unfortunately this meant that the logo didn’t appear so I hard coded it into the header.php as follows:

Simple and Engaging

Which works fine on the desktop version but mobile the image disappears and just displays the alt text.

Any suggestions on what I’ve done wrong? I’ve tried playing around with css settings but can’t seem to get the image to load.


Can you share the link?

Ah yes of course sorry I knew I’d miss something in my post. Link is apps.simpleandengaging.com

For some reason your image is linking to




notice the www. at the beginning.

I would check your canonical and URL redirect settings.

How weird, awesome pick up mate thanks so much.

Will have a look into it the redirects and try to resolve.

Have played around with the redirects and canonical settings but still couldn’t resolve the issue. The workaround I’ve implemented is changing the image url to one held on the main site not the sub-domain so that any redirects are ignored and that seems to work like charm. Thanks for the investigation and helping me get to a resolution - much appreciated!