Lost the ability to edit content also lost sitemap and sitewide navigation

I am running concrete 9.1.3 with PHP 8.1. For some reason today on one of my sites, I have lost both the sitewide nav bar and the ability to edit and add blocks to my pages when I log in. Also the full sitemap cant be displayed in edit mode and the mobile version has no hamburger icon. All the pages seem to be there however, because when I link directly to any pages they render fine (except no navigation bar).

Clearly something is broken. I rolled the site back to 8 days ago, which is the day before I made the most recent edits. Should I roll the database back also?

FYI, I have 3 other sites running the same concrete version and the same template (Atomik) none of the other sites is experiencing this problem.

Anyone have any ideas whats happening and how to fix it?


no idea of the problem source

to fix:

1st as always try to empty cache, sthing like https://YOURWEBSITE/index.php/dashboard/system/optimization/clearcache - if you can’t reach the cache url, and you have an ssh access you may use the commande line, see Command line interface (CLI) commands)

if this do not solve the problem, make a backup of your DB and restore a previous version; generally, it is useless to restore the files, as mainly in concrete all is in the db

when your website is restored, have a look in the logs https://YOURWEBSITE/index.php/dashboard/reports/logs maybe you’ll find some info about what caused the problem

hope this helps

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Thank you for your reply. I’m going to say this is now fixed. I had previously restored backups more than one time. The first time I went back 2 weeks, but that didn’t fix the problem, So I went back one month, still no fix. After speaking with my hosting company, they recommended going back to the one month old backup once more just to ‘be sure’, and as of a few days ago the second backup restoration did not fix the problem. I was resigned to just rebuild it all from a pdf backup I have.

Long story short, between last Thursday and this Sunday the site is now working again. I have no idea what was amiss, though I’m not going to complain. Looking at the logs, as was recommended was useless as they were all old logs from the point of the restoration.

My guess is that something was fixed on the host’s end.

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Thank you for this advice, it works. The odd thing is that for one site, I’ve had to do this on multiple occasions. I have 2 questions. 1) Why is the Concrete cacheing the site incorrectly after some number of days / weeks? 2) is this something that can be automated?

Thank you again