Migration from C5 9.2.2 on my localhost to my hosting provider: TableNotFound error!

Hi all, I need to migrate a website from my machine to the “online” hosting.

I have copied all files (cleared the cache before), created my DB on MariaDB, imported the MYSQL dump from my local machine without any issue.

Changed the configuration to connect to the right DB (database.php)

I’m now facing a error when I launch the website from my provider, you can see here:

Some help woul be greatly appreciated ??

it seems that my mysql dump was loaded into the new mariadb in lower case and concrete5 doesn’t find the tables due to some mix in lower/upper case in the table names when queried.

Do you know a “trick” to say to concrete5 to query the table in an non case sensitive mode ?

There was an addon that could correct database table case. It hasn’t made it into the new marketplace. I The developer was @ramonleenders, so you can ask if he could provide a copy. https://concrete5.devoda.nl/plugins/database-migration

thanks, I have written an email, hopping for a reply…

If anyone else has another idea, renaming the table with a script for example… ??