Moving a block on a page (Not a Stack)

Hi Folks

I am using Concrete 9.2.2 under PHP Version 7.3.33. On this version of Concrete one can add a text block nearly anywhere provided one gets the green line. This is identical to the other website that I regularly update under a different CMS. So I presume that this approach is pretty universal.

Today I added a block of text at the end of the previous blocks where the green line appeared. I then entered the text and pictures, save it and published it. So far so uneventful. However, this evening I have spotted that this morning’s activity seems to have additionally displaced an earlier block to the end of the document.

On the other website I use if this happens, one selects the block, grabs the ‘move’ icon and then drags the offending block to the right position. Easy. So back in Concrete I highlighted the block and was offered the coice of EDIT, COPY TO CLIPBOARD, OR DELETE. No sign of a move button, so I chose copy to clipboard. I then went back up the page to the position from which the block had migrated, added a new text block, went in to edit and chose CTRL V as instructed. Output - Nothing! So I don’t know where the Concrete Clibpoard is based but it is not the normal OS clipboard.

My question is whether the only way to solve this little problem is to re-create the block by importing in the text and adding the pictures as if for a new block and then go back and delete the wayward original block. If so, that does seem rather ‘agricultural’.

However, I know somebody will know a simple work around and thus would be very grateful if you could share it with us Tyros.



I think some of what you’re asking is answered in the video on this page: In-Page Editing

Bottom line, there’s a 4-way arrow icon when you hover over blocks. Click and drag the 4-way arrow to move the block.

The “copy to clipboard” puts a copy of the block into the “Add Block —> Clipboard” menu.

Like Blocks and Stacks, the Clipboard contents are shown when clicking the plus button in the tool bar. Once in add block mode you can choose Blocks, Clipboard, Stacks, or Container.

Hope that helps,

Hi Greg

Many thanks for responding to my query. Thanks also for the pointer to a bit of the ‘manual’ that originally confused me. In the manual the four way arrow is in the top right hand corner of the illustrated block and that is where I have looked for it but never found it. However, given your post, it struck me that it might actually be somewhere else. I have now found it sitting bang in the middle of the block which is great news. It also probably accounts for how the block ‘went walkabout’ in the first place as I may have accidentially grabbed it while scrolling down the page.

Thanks also for the tip for finding Clipboard. Stupidly, I had not taken any notice of the downward triangle by the Blocks Heading. I should have spotted that it would lead to a dropdown menu.

So many thanks for your help. I am now a Happy Bunny with much more control at my finger tips.

Best wishes