Moving a new install from a subdomain to a domain

I’ve recently been working on updating a legacy site from v6 to v8. I installed the new version on a subdomain. I’m wondering what the best way would be to move the new install from the subdomain and replace the domain’s root folder. I was hoping it could be as simple as renaming the subdomain root folder to public_html, but alas that doesn’t seem to be the case. I experimented by renaming the subdomain root and pointing the subdomain to that new folder, but there seem to be one or many files that still looking for or pointing to the old directory, and so the site won’t load.

I normally just move all the file for the old site to a folder and the move files for the new site to root.

Check you htaccess file to see if their are any redirects. Then clear cache in the dashboard. If you can’t get to it then remove or rename the cache folder application>files>cache

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That was it! Just had to clear the cache and everything now works as expected. Many Thanks.