Moving Layouts between Content Areas

Good day all-
Are there any plans or solutions available today for allowing layouts to be moved outside of their ‘parent’ content area into another content area that is available on page?

In our templates, we will typically have 3-5 individually formatted content areas to allow for a variety of content display and ‘styled’ sections. However, on occasion we run into the fun task of having to manually recreating layouts and manually dragging/moving a volume and variety of blocks from one content area layout (ie within Main-2) to another area (ie: within Main-3) become a bit of an undertaking - especially for a client to undertake.

Moving layouts (and blocks within) to an new position within an area works just fine when we need to re-order content but sometimes the page needs to be restructured.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions!
Jason from EDGE

Hi there,

Does seem like a good idea - I don’t see any feature request issues, so you might plug one in here: