Multilingual and Drafts / Publishing

Does anyone have insight on the best way to manage draft content and multiple languages?

Right now the following seems to happen:

  • Create a draft in English
  • Switch to edit mode to enter additional content / blocks
  • Create the French version by clicking English in the admin bar, and then clicking None Created under the Multilingual relations and choose Create Page

This creates a second page in the English drafts section as there isn’t a drafts section in the French site tree. I believe it is technically published since the option to revert to draft is available. If you use the revert to draft then the two pages are disassociated from each other. I think the way to get it into the correct place after making the changes is to drag it from the English drafts to the correct location in the French Site tree however this isn’t very elegant or something I would expect clients to have to do.

We have multiple editors viewing / editing the drafts and the content can’t go public until it has been translated and approved (not a workflow in this case).

Am I missing something obvious here?