No response from developer

Looking to purchase the ‘Page Counter’ add-on: (Page Counter - Concrete CMS). Have tried to get a reply from the developer (twice). No reply. Do I purchase and take a chance that it works for me or wait for a reply?

It’s a fairly simple add-on. I reviewed it at v0.9.6. One block per page, you can set a starting count and/or reset the count to zero in edit…

Maybe a stupid question. Can the block be added to a global area?

@Steevb Just tested this with the old version I have. When in a global area, counts appear to be on a page by page basis. Every page I’ve browsed shows one view. The page I did the review on pulled up the 70 some views from previous. I’m going to go with yes to answer your question :slight_smile:

There is a counter reset button and an “extra count” number input in block edit. When the block is in a global area, those settings only affect the page you edit the block on…

Thanks for checking, will look at purchasing.