Override a package theme files

Is there a way to override template files of a theme in a package?
I want to override footer.php in the “cloneamental” theme. I created a folder and copy the file to “\application\themes\cloneamental\elements\footer.php”.
As I checked this causes problems on other areas. One issue is that $view->getThemePath returns the new path to application folder, and it breaks theme’s assets paths.

@Herkool Are you using version 8 with the theme from the marketplace?

Yes, version 8, with Cloneamental theme. Yet the question is general, and does not depend on a specific package.

Hi @Herkool -

I think because it’s an element you might need to pass in the view object from where the page templates call the element? There might also be a way to get the theme using a different function that retains the package-based theme path instead of calling it from teh view.