Override core authentication file password_sent.php

Is there a possibility to override the core file at the URL /login/concrete/password_sent?

I added the file to the newly created folder application/authentication/concrete but it didn’t work. I also added following line to config/app.php without success:
'/login/concrete/password_sent' => '<my_theme>',
On config/app.php the login page targets already <my_theme>

With c5-8 I could add the file invalid_token with success (didn’t try this file on c5-9).

just copy the file password_sent.php from concrete\authentication\concrete and put it inside application\authentication\concrete and modify to suit your needs

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Thank you very much for your answer. As I wrote this is what I tried with no success. I tried again and copied the folder names from c5 but it didn’t work too.
I’m using the c5-community docker image 9.1.2, all caches are off.

I’m not sure what the problem is, It is working for me. I actually even have a package in the marketplace that relies on that authentication override working (for other files).

I’m also using concrete 9.1.2. I disabled everything under caching.

The only difference is I’m not using the docker image.

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I will try without installing the customized theme. In case it will not work I will test with a clean c5-9.1.2 docker installation - without any customization, except the overridden file.
But I do not know when I will find time for it.

Anyway, thank you for your feedback, much appreciated!

Silly me, I forgot to include the related folder in the docker command. With this everything works as expected.