Page Version XX Submitted for Approval message will not go away

Hi Folks,

I’m getting 3 notifications on my home page when I login to the site, all saying ‘Page Version 53 Submitted for Approval.’ All submitted by admin, but at different times. If I click on any of them to ‘Review’ I get an error stating: An unexpected error occurred. Invalid parameters.

I can’t seem to get rid of them and I really need to hand the site over to the client.

Does anyone know where these versions maybe in the database and I can try to remove them directly? Or is there any other way to get rid of them?

Thanks in advance.



The table that holds the page versions is called ‘CollectionVersions’, take a look in there.

It could also be a broken workflow. There are some tools on Github and possibly on the old forums for clearing out workflows.

Or my Extreme Clean addon includes a workflow cleaner and a page version cleaner.

Thank you both for your input!

I will take a look in the DB and see if I can cure it that way but John, I’ve been meaning to take Extreme Clean for a spin for a while so i may just go ahead and install that anyway :slight_smile:

If I dabble with the DB (after taking a back up, obvs), Would i just look for the page version number and then delete the row? All 3 messages are saying Version 53. If I nuke them, does that effect any other DB entries? I don’t want to cause more issues than I already have if these entries are related to any others!

I will report back because I know at least one other post on here has the same issue.

Many thanks.



If hacking the collection versions table, make sure to keep a current version. AFAIK the relationships to that table are one-way, nevertheless it would be prudent to double check for the use of cvID 53 in other tables to be sure (perhaps a workflow)

The fact that you have 3 messages all pointing to cvID 53 suggests 3 of something (perhaps 3 broken workflows). There will be only one cvID 53, so the 3 messages will involve something else.

Thanks for all your help and setting us off on the right path. In case anyone stumbles across this thread the way I solved it was to go to this page:

and install the job. It was very straightforward. It seems that this is deprecated in version 9 and Tasks should be used instead, and at the bottom of the github thread there is a Task to use, but this was too complicated and the job caused no problems in version 9 even though a warning is given!