Porting images for major version upgrade

I am about to belatedly upgrade a 5.6.4 site to 8.5.7*. The site has a lot of photos for use in image galleries, many of which have associated descriptions inserted via the file manager. I don’t suppose there is an simple way of porting those over to a new installation. I know I can download them all and re-upload, but I suspect all the descriptive information will be lost. Thanks.
*Yes, I know this isn’t the latest, but I need to get all my sites to a point where I can use the needed version of php.

This will migrate images

Thanks, Tim. I do remember that one from way back when but I didn’t realize it would still be useful in this situation. I’m not terribly experienced with Concrete, but I take it I will need to download the GitHub package and put that in the packages directory on the legacy site.

Correct, you’ll need the 5.6 export package on your old site and then the 5.7 import package on the new site.

You might need to test it a few times as it can time out or crash, but it works.

If you find it crashes when importing try a fresh export and then reimport

Thanks again. I installed the packages on both sites, watched the video, and did an export of most of the old site and began the import into a test version of the new site. Alas, in the process I discovered it doesn’t actually do what I need. It did scrape the images on the pages and download them–very impressive bit of code. I realized that the hundreds of images that I need to move don’t actually exist on the pages–they are handled by the add-on Touch Gallery and simply reside in the Files section. So, it is back to just exporting from the file manager and re-doing the meta-information. Anyway, thank for the suggestion

You could try and see if the files db tables are the same and then copy them across? keeping the file structure?

Thanks, but I would rather deal with the tedium of down/up loading rather than the anxiety of messing around where I shouldn’t be. I will use the migration add-on for the several static pages, though, and thanks for reminding me about than.

Ive done many conversions and just now I have an old site, that images will not export. They will not appear in the export list at all. Images exist in the File Manager and are added to a page, but when just exporting 1 page, no images will appear in the export list. Im at a loss.

You can copy the file tables from 5.6 to 5.8 as is?