Pretty URLs on Softaculous doesn't work

I tried to follow the Pretty URLs instructions for our concrete cms website but for some reason since we are hosting through webhosting pad and using a softaculous installation, which also requires a URL redirection, but works well without the pretty url. Now users who click the pdfs on the website get a long URL link instead of the pdf file name. Not sure if this is the underlying reason.

What kind of PDF file name do users get and what kind of PDF file name do you expect? Pretty URLs just removes index.php from the URL, so this doesn’t sound like it’s related to pretty URLs.

When the users click the pdf, the file opens with just the file name. I have one user who doesn’t have a printer, so she has been sending the pdf using the safari browser “share” button to Staples printing service. This is then when she gets the fully qualified URL from Concrete CMS file manager widget: Using Chrome browser, this is what she sees: file:///Users/elizabethprescod/Documents/Golf/Docs%20for%20New%20Website/2022_TournScheduleNoPrices-NoChairs.pdf
Using Safari browser, it seems to just attach the pdf. She was originally using Duck-Duck-Go browser, but found the documentation and posted the list of supported browsers on our home page for our Members.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. For now we have the work around to just have her use Safari. Thanks for the clarification on Pretty URLs. I thought that may allow me to adjust the URL display on the Filemanger files when shared from the browser in Chrome.