Question about using Anchor-Links

Ive a question about using Anchor-Links:
I would like to call an anchor link from another block. Or even from another layout. Is that possible?
When I define a link as an anchor in a text block, I don’t get any of the existing anchors displayed.
It could certainly be done manually via HTML. But that would be something … hmmm … unpretty :wink: Are there other possibilities?

I use Concrete CMS 9.1.3.

There are a few anchor packages in the marketplace you may have some luck with. I’ve used @mlocati Empty Anchor Package with success

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
A little question: I read that this package is not ready for version 9. Have you used it with the new concrete version?

@trickler I just gave it a test run on v9 php8 and it seems to be working!!

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I use it with v9.1.2 and it works