Recovery the property of a web site

Hi, i’m contacted from a customer that have a web site to upgrade, developed by other programmer no more available.

when a try o upgrade by interface i have this message:

 The base URL of your site does not match a registered instance of the site. Please click below to authenticate your site again.
Project Page

Your project page URL is:

i have create a web site in my page of projects, i have try to edit database
editing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (my code)
the same for secret keys,

i have edit the cache setting in developer mode, but can’t connect at my profile, so can’t upgrade by interface.

Somebody have a solution?


ok, have partially solved, the web site use a different database, and now seam connect .

but for upgrade Block Designer , for example i have the following error

An error occurred while downloading the package.

where can i find mori informations about the error?

Ok reports/logs

seem haven’t sufficient space in server, i will try to remove some things e try other time


Let us know if the disk space fix resolves the issue. Thanks Enrico!

Hi Evan, to be honest i have try a manual upgrade form 8.51 to 8.52 with a disaster result; i have reinstall the backup for the moment; so i must setup a stage hosting for make other tentative; but i must have a confirm of my customer before.
in attach the upgrade result.

That’s odd, are PHP short tags enabled?

probably not, is a really old hosting.

Take a look for yourself in your hosts cPanel look for the php options panel and check that short_open_tag is enabled (ticked)
A screenshot is attached here

haven’t cpanel, sorry, but we wait for migrate the web site in another hosting

Thank you

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