Rich Text Editor

Is there any way to get the Rich Text Editor to look the same as it does in the preview? Every time I use the thing it extends beyond the edge of the screen…

Help !!

Can you send a quick screenshot of what you see on your screen?

Here is what I got… As you can see I unchecked a number of items I need or else it extends beyond the edge of the screen

And here is what’s in the “Preview”

I’m using version 9.0.2


As a temporary workaround you can add a line of code to the editor.css file like this…

.cke_top {max-width: 750px !important}

This will limit the width to 750px, my Rich Text Editor was using the concrete/js/ckeditor/skins/moona-lisa/editor.css file, so that is the file I added that line of code to.
You will have to clear your browser cache before it will read the newly edited file.

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It works perfectly…


Hi @rdealmeida perhaps you would be kind enough to mark my answer as a ‘Solution’ for future reference.

OOps me BAD.

Thanks again