Search field in dev doc?

Hi concreters :slight_smile: is there a search field somewhere in dev documentation site ?

I’m looking about complete doc about page_theme.php

see you

Welcome! Here’s a work around until we Search :: Concrete CMS
Thank you!

Thanks :slight_smile: perhap’s it come from my side, but the search field did not return any result.

I haven’t looked into a preloader specifically for this theme, but I’m sure there are … in my inbox. could someone post the whole php here and show me the things …

check out concrete5.7-page_theme.php/page_theme.php at master · lewismcarey/concrete5.7-page_theme.php · GitHub

ya thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Search field does not return any result on my browser … i do not know why.

@cali there was an issue with caching on that page (should have been disabled). It should work now. Can you try again?