Share pages between 2 separate Concrete sites using Rest API

I need to build functionality to share pages between 2 separate Concrete sites. Using the rest API I’m planning to retrieve a page list of from Site A, and create new pages on Site B. It all needs to be automated, so will be using an automated job (site is still on v8 for now).

Before I start work on it - Just wondered if anyone had done anything similar, or had any general hints/advice?

… and can anyone point me in the direction of more in-depth documentation about the rest API beyond this:


A different approach to the same problem, you could pull the content from a site A page to a page in site B using a UCP block (but that won’t automatically create your page on site B).

Thanks @JohntheFish ! - I did take a look at UCP before actually - looks awesome, and I may well revisit. At this point the client is adamant that it’s all an automated process, so I need to try and get to that end point, if possible.

Let us know how it goes @drbiskit ! Sounds like an interesting use case.