Switching between languages in multilingual sites

Hello everyone,

I have currently moved on from concrete 5 to concrete 9 and am trying to find out some technical issues with regard to multilingual sites.

In Concrete 5, the different language versions could be indicated on top with the flags, and you could easily switch.

Concrete 9 seems to automatically direct to a language version based on locale or preferences.

My problem is that I serve both locals & expats in the country where I live (Netherlands). So I end up either with a Dutch version for English speakers or an English version for Dutch speakers if I choose one or the other.

Is there a way to fix this?

Please keep in mind that I am DIY website-developer, not a technical developer.

Thanks in advance.


Problem solved. I refound the add switch languages button in the menu.

I’d like to delete this question all together, unless it will also help a Version 9 beginner.

@Semin Thank you so much for your update, we’ll leave this up to help anyone else