Target class [......\PageTheme] does not exist

Hey all,

I tried to create a blank Bedrock theme, however after (probably a simple mistake) importing a new theme. Without any css, js or custom blocks/elements. I got an error:
Target class [\Concrete\Theme\FishueelV2\PageTheme] does not exist.

After some changes to the page_theme.php i cant figure out what is causing the error.
And finally, after just deleting the folder, i cant access the “Pages & Themes” page in the dashboard.

It seems Concrete is not updating the themes.

Does anyone have a solution for this? There isn’t a reset or revert back to previous version button anywhere.
And right now i cant seem to install or edit themes because the page is inaccessible.

And uninstalling Concrete seems like overkill.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I still dont know what the problem was, but i forgot i could just roll back to a previous backup. Which i did, i tried to create a new theme again, same name but perhaps without a certain typo. And got it to work.

I just dealt with the same issue on two themes that got imported from 8.x to 9.x. One theme didn’t have an associated page_theme.php file for it, so the updated site was looking for the theme in the \concrete directories rather than the \application directories. My other theme did have a page_theme.php file, but the directory had a dash in the directory names (i.e. my-theme, with “namespace Application\Theme\MyTheme” being the namespace). It did this error even though it was looking for the PageTheme class in the apprpriate \application area.

For the former issue, I had to roll back the upgrade, add a page_theme.php file, then reimplement the upgrade. For the latter issue, I had to once again roll back the changes, rename the theme directory to “mytheme” and set the namespace in the page_theme.php to “namespace Application\Theme\Mytheme”. It now worked when reapplying the upgrade. Apparently the upgrader hates hyphens and/or multi-word themes?

Anyway, if anyone else hits this issue, it may be one or two of the items listed above.