Trying to move site from subdir (dev) to root dir (live) on live server but cannot access admin login after

As stated in the topic, trying to move site from development subdir to root dir to go live. The site shows up, but I can’t get into admin side as it still thinks installed in the dev subdir. I turned off pretty urls and cleared cache before move. The site is v8.5.9 running from updates dir from 8.5.7 original install. Any ideas?

OK, managed to get it working somehow by putting it back in the old dev dir and manually upgrading the site to v8.5.12 and all then worked when moving back to root dir!

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Hi @autumnleaves - I would think the only thing that might cause some issues moving from a subdirectory to root dir would be caching - you could manually clear the cache and that might help. Or run it via the command line (if you couldn’t get to the dashboard).

Hope that helps in the future since it sounds like you’re all set at this point!