Trying to update an old version on a running website

Hello, I am running an old version of Concrete on my website. In the past, I had a webadmin who installed the system. Over the years, we lost touch and recently I got the following issue.

Title blog photo does not show correctly when reposting the blog online. The OG tag is pointing at one main photo in the root and not the one title one added to the blog.

In the past, it always worked, but I think about 5 years ago it stopped working.

So I am thinking that over the years, lets say my Concrete version is 10 years old, if there is a way that I can update to a new version, which would have the OG tag fixed.

Any ideas?



For a site that is 10 years old, you are probably on a core version 5.6. If that is the case, there is no direct upgrade path.

It may be possible to use the content exporter to export the site to a CIF file, then use the content importer to import the content to a new Contrete version 9 site. That is not an easy process and may not work at all. It usually requires some developer expertise.

There could be further consequent issues, such as addons/themes used on the old site are unlikely to be available for the current version 9, or if available not directly compatible.

The most reliable route is to start again with a fresh v9 install and build from there. Copy pages and images across manually using the content editor and use it as an opportunity for some spring cleaning of your content.

All of the above is unlikely to have any relevance to your OG tag issue, which is likely part of some custom code or an addon.

Hey John, thanks a lot for your fast reply. Yes, fresh install and then add the old content to it was always my last option. But was hoping for some 1-2-3 click option.

Regards, G.