Unable to access site or login after adding page

I added a parent page (called Shop) to my site via sitemap as usual that I wanted to link directly to a subdomain ecommerce solution. I added the subdomain URL where you get the option of adding an external URL to the parent page but it created a new page underneath (with the same name) that does the link instead of going directly from the main menu.
I then tried to resolve this by copying the new child page to its parent, hoping that this would create the link from the main menu. It didn’t - it just created another child page - now got twins!
I went back to Sitemap to delete the latest child page, but it wouldn’t let me delete it - kept saying error.
I then tried to delete the parent page so I could start again but it wouldn’t do that either.
I tried to go to my site to see what it was showing but it wouldn’t load. I just get “504 Gateway Timeout - temporary error”.
I now get the same if I try to go back to the login page to try to delete again or go back to a previous version.
Is there a way to undo the page creations via Site Tools and file manager rather than restore the backup from last night and lose my edits from today? Or is there a way I can get back into the Dashboard and go back to the version before I first created the parent Shop page in Sitemap?
Thanks in advance.

Hello, could you share what the error was when you tried to delete the first child page?

I got a Gateway error 504.

I have now restored the back up from the day before, but if there is a better solution I’m sure someone else might appreciate being able to find it in future.

Hi @RogerM - if you can replicate on a demo I would definitely recommend submitting a Github issue here - that will guarantee it gets a look :+1: