Upgrade to 9.2.2 language switcher

I just upgraded from 9.2.1 to 9.2.2 everything seems ok apart from the new language switcher.

I have a production site and a test site on my computer localhost. The production site is far more developed but the basic layout and the skin I developed based on the Atomik theme are the same
on both the production and test sites.

I get 2 different layouts of the news language switcher. Below is my my production site where the language switcher gives two bars across the whole width of the page

On my test site the language switcher comes out as below with short drop down bars

Can anyone help ? I have looked at all the layouts and all skin mods I have made to the Atomik theme and both sites seems exactly the same. But I get different results - I much prefer the shorter drop down bars which are unfortunately are only on my test site

Could be the CSS is cached.

I cleared the cache on both sites before I upgraded and I have just cleared the cache (twice) on the production site and I stll get the long drop down bars

I just solved it :grinning:

I tried clearing the cash in the backend 4 or 5 time with no success I use FireFox and I view in Opera. I shut both browsers and used “BleachBit” to clean my system. Afterwards the drop down blocks work normally in my production site - now I am happy and thanks for your help and you were right something to do with the problems of Fire Fox with clearing the cache - in tise case Opera gave the same problem / result