User permissions and specific dashboard functionality

Question regarding site permissions and user groups. I’ve created a new user group called “Editors” which will be used for people who only need to edit the contents of pages that are already created. This is simple enough, no problems here.

However, this user group also needs to be able to clear the site cache. Is this possible?

For both simple and advanced permissions modes, I see no options for specific user groups to access certain areas of the dashboard other than managing packages or upgrading the CMS. Am I missing something here, or is it simply not possible to grant a user group access to certain areas of the dashboard, such as the “Optimization” section? Are only administrators allowed access to this section? If so, where is that permission defined, or is it hard-coded?

Go to the sitemap in the dashboard. click to view system pages. find the clear cache page under dashboard. Here you can change the permissions to allow certain users or groups to view the page. You should then be able to provide those users with a link to the clear cache page.

Thank you so much for your response, this worked perfectly and is exactly what I wanted. I didn’t even think to check permissions for system pages under the dashboard.

If anyone else encounters this in the future, just make sure you are the superuser admin account to change system page permissions.