Username Edit Invalid Error Message

We’re using Concrete Core Version - 8.5.1. We had a user who registered and later mentioned that their email had changed from a .com domain to a .net domain. We tried to go edit the username to make the change, however, we’re getting an error message (“A username may only contain letters, numbers, dots (not at the beginning/end), and underscores (not at the beginning/end).”) that doesn’t make sense (i.e. the email doesn’t meet the error condition). Any ideas?


The clue is in the error message, you are editing a USERNAME with an email address.
If the users email address has changed just edit the users email address and not his username.

Oh maybe that’s a misunderstanding then on our part. So are the usernames not editable then? And if not, why does it let you attempt that?

Ideally we’d like to update the domain for both for them (i.e. the username and the email address) just so it won’t be confusing for them.

So somehow when the user signed up they used their email as the username and it was allowed? Now you want to change the username to the .net email instead?

If that’s the case something is amiss, because the username never should have saved with the @ symbol in it. It’s that symbol that’s coughing up the error message…

Actually that makes sense. We’re using an API to register our users since we also need to tie it in with some other data from our system. My guess is that it’s bypassing the normal validation there but then if we want to edit it the @ sign gets flagged. Thank you for your help!