V8.5.6 Getting an Error viewing page with PageList of Child Pages:


“Entity of type ‘Concrete\Core\Entity\File\File’ for IDs fID(1418) was not found”

I have got this error when browsing a page. I can indeed see that file with ID of 1418 does not exist in the File Manager. I’m not too bothered about that, but right now I am stuck with a page that contains a page list is broken just showing this error.
How do I fix this?


If its is breaking a page list, chances are its a thumbnail. If you can identify the problem page and add add a new thumbnail to it, then clear cache, that may fix it.

Otherwise, you will need to edit the template you are using for the page list block to either skip the page containing the problem, or skip outputting the thumbnail if the fID does not exist.

Thanks for your reply. The trouble is as soon I do this it breaks:

if($thumbnail->getFileID()) {


if(is_object($thumbnail) && $thumbnail->getFileID())

Same issue unfortunately

Where are you getting the $thumbnail object from?

Default Pagelist view code:

$thumbnail = false;
if ($displayThumbnail) {
$thumbnail = $page->getAttribute(‘thumbnail’);

Do you know which page has the broken thumbnail attribute?

Can you get to it in the dashboard sitemap and change or delete the attribute from there?

I have gone through them all and can’t see any missing images or issues, really odd and hard to debug this one.

Maybe its just the thumbnail of the image and the image is still there. If that is the case, clearing the thumbnail cache or regenerating thumbnails may resolve it.

Just went back to it and it’s now working, so possible it was what you say. Thanks for your help :slight_smile: