(v8.5.7) How to have Users register as deactivated and an Admin has to activate them manually

(v8.5.7): I want Users of my site to be able to register as “deactivated” and the administrators will activate them manually. I found in old documentations there was an option for manual activation but it seems to be gone.
i was thinking maybe that has moved to workflows but i don’t quite get it. it seems to be just for page changes?
also the docs are kind of a mess there. getting a lot of 403 even logged in, In-Page Editing basic workflow setup links me to inpage editing?
(just discovered that the sidebar nav in the documentation works, the in-text links are mostly broken)


Hello. You go to your workflows and create one, let’s call it “approve registrations”
Then you go to /dashboard/system/permissions/users and you modify the permissions to activate/deactivate User. Now in the window that opens you should get a “workflow” tab where you can select your workflow. Don’t forget to save.


Hey there

Thanks a lot. When i read your reply i was thinking “that can’t be it, too simple” but it is working as expected.


Well it’s simple but, to be honest, I don’t find it particularly intuitive… So it’s easy to overlook it.

Thanks for answering this. Searched for hours and it’s dead simple. In older versions there was a direct choice on the public profile page.

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