V9: Add menu item to admin dashboard

I’ve added a single page with the url /dashboard/spellchecker/dictionary and I can see that both Spellchecker and Dictionary get added as single pages. I’d like for each of these to appear in the dashboard admin menu (the one that shows Welcome, Sitemap, Files etc). I could’ve sworn I have seen this happen automatically before, but maybe that was with v8? Or is there something I need to do in the code?

Are you adding the page manually in the Dashboard or programmatically from a package?

Manually in the dashboard

If you go to the Sitemap > Options > Include System Pages in Sitemap, do you see your pages there? If yes, can you drag them under the Dashboard where you want them?

The page is listed in the sitemap when I include the system pages, but it is already under the dashboard, so I can’t drag it under there. I just need it to show up in the dashboard menu on the right.

What path have you entered when adding the single page? It must start with 'dashboard/your_page_name

The path I used started with ‘dashboard’. Oddly enough, this morning my menu is now listed there. It wasn’t yesterday and I didn’t change anything. Maybe something was being cached and that expired overnight?

The dashboard menu is cached. The cache would have timed out and refreshed.