V9 Boards - Testing Setup

Since I have not used - Boards or Calendars
I thought I would start off - Setting up Boards

I first read
Overview :: Concrete CMS

I went to
Add Board
The only - Template - listed is - Blog
I thought Documentation said if using- Atomik theme
Board Templates are setup - Blog must be it…???
Selected and Board Created

I went to
View Boards
Clicked on the - Newly Created Board


Board 1 Name
Total Slots

Data Source

Page Data Source
Calendar Data Source

Available Slot Templates

Blog Image Left
Blog Image Right
Blog Two Up
Blog Three Up

I went to
Clicked on the - Create Custom Board Element
Name - Created Element 1
Page - Created and Selected Page - Board1

Then it says
Customize Slot
Designer element items updated.
Choose Template
There are no summary templates available for the item or items you have selected.

Do I need to create a - summary template…???

Any HELP would be MUCH apricated…!!!

Thanks in advance
Happy Holidays…!!!

Yup. Same here. It would be nice to get an answer on this one. I think the solution is to install the Documentation in the atomik theme, but I’d bet you get an error when you try.

At least you have slot templates. I don’t even have those.
Come on folks. Someone must be able to answer this