V9 Captcha / reCaptcha needed asap

I hope this is ok to post here- checking all of the available add-ons on market place, not one of the Captcha / reCaptcha add-ons are v9 ready yet- and from my end, I am not able to open a question either. Does anyone know who might be working on this? the default one for v9 is so messy that it’s too difficult for my users and they give up trying… Thanks for any insight.

There should be two Captchas built into V9, SecurImage (which isn’t good), and reCAPTCHA v3.

You should be able to go to: /index.php/dashboard/system/permissions/captcha
and swap to reCAPTCHA. In doing that, you just have to sign up a free account through Google - that takes seconds to do.

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Thanks very much - I had previously had a key but I think it was for reCaptcha v2? because when I tried using it on the site there was an error message saying that my site wasn’t set up for it… so I got a new key specifically v3 and its now showing it’s installed on the site (but I am confused about following the 2 min verification process - looks like pasting code somewhere is part of the process??- and apparently there is no actual interaction with the user- no box to check or puzzle ???

I don’t recall anything about a 2 minute verification process, I’ve never done such a thing for reCaptcha… perhaps that’s for Google’s ‘Search Console’?

And yes, there’s no interaction with V3, you’ll just see a box in the corner of the screen. I believe it does things like look at the browser, maybe the mouse cursor, cookies, that kind of stuff to automatically work out if someone is real or not.

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