V9 Enable user to delete uploaded file

Hi There, V9.1.1
Using the document library module it appears that you can upload files and then once there change the properties of the file, but the system doesn’t let the user who uploaded the image delete it from the system as well, even if they have the permissions to do so. Is there a way to enable users to delete an image or file they have uploaded. Am I missing something. Perhaps it’s a feature to have the Document Library enhanced to support removing/deleting files as well as adding them?

@peachautomation You can update the permissions for the file manager under system & maintenance File Manager Permissions does that answer your question?

@jessicadunbar https://github.com/concretecms/concretecms/issues/10691

Thanks Enlil - once that issue has been addressed, we can post back here to finish off this thread.