V9 How to edit atomik

I’m trying to edit some changes into the atomik theme (for example the autonav tree). But it seems that the css files in atomik/css/skins folder never change after the editing, so no change is able… How is it possible to force atomik changing these file ?

Another way would be making a template, but i don’t find the way. The same problem exist : adding a templates into the atomik/blocks/ folder doesn’t work…

You have to create a custom preset, like this…

  1. Go to Dashboard → Pages & Themes → Click the Gear Icon on the Atomik Theme and choose Customise.
  2. Click the Pencil Icon (top left of the page) and choose a Preset.
  3. Click Create New (bottom right of the page) and give it a Name and click Create.
  4. Edit your new Preset and Save Changes.
  5. Click the Left Arrow (Top of Page).
  6. Click the Gear Icon again and choose your new Editable Preset.

You can add any custom css at the bottom left hand side.
To edit your new preset just follow steps 1 and 2 above.

Thanks, i saw this way, but for a complexe edit i would have prefer knowing how to generate the skins files… As i used to do with the fruitful theme.