Version 9 - auto-nav block will not do horizontal

I can’t be the only person who wants a horizontal menu, the auto-nav block refuses to provide one. My css selects the ul and li and floats them left but it still won’t work. Can we just have a switch in the dialog to choose horizontal or vertical?

Are you using the Elemental theme? If yes, it’s outdated. Here’s some more info:

You can easily modify the block appearance with css:

or you can try the Simple Nav Menu Block:

Actually I’m using the Atomik theme. The Simple Nav Menu worked like a charm, if only the colors were less visceral, thanks very much!

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you can easily change the colors in the block css


background-color: #fe6b61 !important; ← change any of these to what you like more

The autonav block has only ever presented a nested vertical list with the default block template.

Themes then provide alternate block templates for autonav that show this as a horizontal list with/without dropdown etc.

Thank you for clearing that up for me. In the case of version 9, I am presented with 2 free theme choices, Atomik and Elemental. Both of those render the auto-nav as vertical so I have no choice. I am lucky though, the Simple Nav Menu provided everything I need.

If you know css, you can easily change the Auto Nav Block style to be the same as it was in v8. You basically need to make the ul list-style: none; , set up background and hover colors and some spacing for li elements.

PS. Unless you know that, you can copy the concrete/blocks/autonav to the site application/blocks folder and create a new template with your own styling which you can then select in block edit style: