What a joke!

Ive just updated my site to 8.5.17 which was released May 07, 2024 so literally about 1 month ago.
When I try to connect it to the community marketplace to search for add-ons, I get this message;
“You are using an older version of Concrete that no longer supports direct marketplace integration. You should explore upgrading to version 9 of Concrete CMS.”

This is just plain ridiculous!
Absolutely no support for a site that is one version behind the latest core.
What are the developers of concrete thinking?
It doesn’t even offer me an update to move to core 9, just that message.
Im lost for words.

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We have new v8 versions only to fix security issues.
They won’t add support for the new marketplace to it: v8 is in “maintenence” mode (as announced many months ago and repeated multiple times).

If you want to install addons for v8, your only option is to manually do that.

I appreciate your frustration. It’s fair to feel annoyed with the challenges of keeping websites up to date.

While I expect it may not help, you are not running a version that is one behind the latest core. You’re running a version of Concrete that has been end of life for quite some time.

Here we are announcing v8 end of life in 2022:

Here we are again pointing out we’re only issuing security updates back in 2023:

There have been no less than 15 versions of Concrete released in the version 9 branch.

There have been numerous blog, forum and newsletter posts in the past 6 months talking about the new marketplace. Look, I understand there’s little motivation to pay attention to what we’re doing here when your site just works for years on end. I truly don’t have an answer for how we communicate more effectively here. I’m disappointed you feel our efforts are a joke and ridiculous.

I certainly wish we had a way where we could make every site that was ever built with our free software work flawlessly for decades on end with no consistently managed upgrade process. My team stopped putting serious work into version 8 way back in 2018, so I’m left thinking we actually did a pretty decent job filling those requirements as it’s now 6 years later and you’re just having an issue.

All of that said…

  1. Your site does not need to connect to the marketplace to run. For better or worse, there’s no license management or services delivered from our marketplace to production websites. Nothing we’ve done here would have broken your site, and you’re welcome to run Concrete v8 until the aliens land and take us all away.

  2. We have not seen measurable updates to v8 extensions in quite some time, so again, there’s nothing about choosing to not sell them in the present/future that should have broken what you purchased in the past. That said if you do need a package file for an extension you previously purchased in the old marketplace, by all means use our contact form and reach out with some details as to what you’re wrestling with and we’ll do our best to dig around the archives to help.

Again, I understand you’re frustrated, and that’s certainly not our intention. I wish I had a way to make everything perfect for everyone, but the reality is sometimes to move forward, you have to leave something behind, and that’s version 8.

Dear frz,

I can see why I might sound like a Moaning Minnie, and I do apologise if thats how I came across.

I really do appreciate your reply (even your humour) and can understand that systems must keep pace with ongoing development and security.

I don’t receive by default all the updates you have mentioned, maybe its my fault for not subscribing to a newsletter emails, but I generally don’t subscribe to most of these to try and keep my inbox light.
All I was really saying is that I can’t understand why the older add-ons were not still available. I don’t think thats an unreasonable request, even if it was made very clear by agreeing to a disclaimer that concrete or its independent developers would not support those items going forward. If they were still available on an archives page it would be personal choice if you wanted to use them.

I thought 8.5.17 was recent because it released on May 07, 2024 on this page: Concrete Version Archive :: Concrete CMS - Org
I now understand that was just minor security updates.

Thank you for taking the time to explain everything.

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No worries, totally recognize its a bumpy journey.

We can’t make the archives available forever, because that codebase takes maintenance, and time is money.

That said, feel free to reach out to us via the contact form for specific needs and we’ll always do our best to help.

@frz I get how communicating with a large user base these important changes can be challenging. Not everyone is signed up to the email newsletter, not everyone follows on social media. The one thing most users have in common, is they access their ConcreteCMS site dashboard (at some point, hopefully). And the “welcome” page is the best bet for reaching them with the most critical news. This is what Wordpress does.
Perhaps the spot above “tutorials” on the Welcome page could be a good place to add “important updates”. This is quite different from “news” and “tutorials”. It only needs room for perhaps the last 3 items or so (pulled from an RSS feed, like the other lists). But it shouldn’t be updated more than 3-5 times per year with the most crucial info. Some users don’t log into their site every week, so we don’t want them to miss recent announcements.
Something that should be relatively easy and quick to implement and have a significant positive impact on user satisfaction. What’s your thoughts?

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Yeah i agree that the dashboard welcome could use a redesign and should be a stronger part of our communication strategy. I’ll add that to the list.