Where to add google site tag?

Where would I add a “Global site tag” (gtag.js) of Google Analytics?

I’ve added it in the «Extra Header Content» and Google does not find the site, even after 7 weeks.

Google says to add it in the header, - am I missing something?

thanks for help.

Is code actually rendered, when you see source in browser (ctrl-u in Chrome)?
Do you have some kind of GDPR addon that disable tracking codes/cookies? Last time this was the problem of one of my clients,

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If you go to System & Settings in the Dashboard, look under SEO & Statistics. There you will see Tracking Codes.

Paste your code directly into either text area, but not both.

Yes, I see the code in the header.

I have only a one pager. Does it make a difference where I place the script - in “Extra Header Content” or in Tracking codes like @vergedesign suggests?

Hi, if you are using GTM - you have two pieces of code. Insert one in the SEO section, the other in the HTML block at the top position above the navigation section, as shown in the picture.


That’s it. Thank you for the solution.

Sorry, need to come again. I placed the corresponding part into a basic html block in an emty area, - the first area of the page. Site now renders weird and cuts out all formatting.

Where exactly do you put that snippet?
(Google says it needs to go right after the body tag)

Thanks a lot


Thanks @ampersand, I got the “script” exactly as shown in your answer above.

I’m somehow unclear where to precisely place the second “noscript” part.

Is there any Concrete specific way how to use gtm?


from what I know it’s rather not.
Put the second part in the “HTML block” and put it in any place in the part common to all pages (global area) - i.e. in the nav section for example.

Hello Cedric,

Does your Website work with Google and GTM now?

I have a similar website (a one pager) with GTM installed properly. Google re-indexing and GTM verification was negative due to a «redirect» problem.

GTM code is installed as @ampersand documented. Google doesn’t find the site at all for weeks now.

In the "URL and redirect settings» I have:

Pretty URL’s: YES
Canonical URL’s: set to http and https
URL redirection: YES
Canonical Tag: YES

Do you or anybody else know what a «redirect» problem in this case means?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @blinkdesign are you trying to verify your account in Google search console? I love the domain verification option because it tracks all the URLs. SSL, Non-SSL, and it automatically verifies any subdomains)

The analytics debugger is useful if you use chrome.

Thanks @jessicadunbar, that is the tool we used and where we got the report that there is a “redirect” problem.

hi @blinkdesign,
If the site is not indexed properly, then GTM won’t work. I had no success with indexing. Something in the CMS or code is keeping Google from indexing. I have no idea about it, very frustrating. Keep me posted if you have success.

@cedrey What URL are you having issues with? DM me if you don’t want it public.

Hello Cedric
We do not fully understand what exactly causes this problem. It took us a while to find, that with one pager there is an indexing problem. So we fixed it and it finally works now.
We had in our one pager several sections with # anchors as navigation. Google apparently doesn’t like that because it confuses its indexing. So make sure you use no anchors for scrolling navigation. Create separate url’s/H1 titles for the sections and use AJAX so it loads when a user scroll more down.
As I see, you’re in Germany, so I can recommend this blog entry (in german): SEO für eine One-Page-Website - BlueGlass
Good luck. Let me know.

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Hey @blinkdesign
Yes, we had a scrolling to #anchor script using jQuery. We removed it and guess what! Google indexed the site and installed gtm. Phantastic, it saved us a whole lot of tinkering around. Vielen Dank nach Zürich. Cedric