White page after migration v8.5.5

Hi, I have searched the archive.forum as I remember there has been an answer to the question but unfortunately didn’t find any.

I migrated an 8.5.5 installation to a new server (same domain name). DB should be connected as I changed the settings in the config/database.php.
Now when accessing the hompage it only shows a white page – no errors.
If I access the domain/index.php/login the following error shows up:

include(/OLD SERVER PATH/OLD-DIRECTORY/updates/concrete5-8.5.5_remote_updater/concrete/single_pages/login.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

any ideas how to fix this please?
Thank you very much

Possibly the DNS Records have not been updated to point to your new server.
You should talk to the domain registrar for your domain.
Find out what your new servers DNS records need to be and get them changed over.

Thank you for the suggestion Concrete Owl.
However the doamin settings are correct DNS-wise and meanwhile I can access the login page, but once I have logged in the same error message appears again.
I tried to delete the “updates” folder as I remember there was somthing written about migration and you won’t need it to be tranferred but then I get the following message:

Invalid “update.core” defined. Please remove it from /home/www/public_html/_tauchjoerg/application/config/update.php.

Please note that in this message the path is correctly show as it should be on the new server.

Entering the path for the dashboard “https://www.tauchjoerg.de/index.php/dashboard” shows only the dashboard menue without any styles.
Very weird behavior.

BTW I have reactivated the old installation on the old server using a different domain and that still works as it should…

Your site was running from the concrete core in your updates folder which you have deleted?
The file /home/www/public_html/_tauchjoerg/application/config/update.php is looking for that concrete core.
You should replace the ‘concrete5-8.5.5_remote_updater’ folder in the ‘updates’ folder in the first instance.

I don’t actually know and never was aware that the running core was inside the “updates” folder! I just renamed it for testing purposes and then got the second error message.
What would I replace the ‘concrete5-8.5.5_remote_updater’ folder with then please?
thx for your help

If you only renamed it, just rename it back again to updates

That’s what I did, but ist doesn’t solve the original problem of showing just a white page :frowning: