1st Login took a while & perhaps add a note to login page?

As one of oldest community member with a lots of backlogs…, I couldn’t log-in to my email address.

Myq mentioned about that 1st log-in triggers migration process and I may have to wait.

I went to do something else.
After 6 hours, I requested the password reset, then I was able to log-in!

I think that you may want to add the description that migrating user may want to try twice after a moment.

Good job!

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Add a short message , such as contact information or the owner’s name, to the login window that appears when your Mac is locked.

Please reply me. i am stucked

@Gates62 it’s not clear what the problem is. Can you provide more detail or a screenshot? If it’s not related to logging in to community.concretecms.com, you should consider making a new topic.