2-week promotion: Get two must-have add-ons for Concrete CMS for FREE!

Looking to enhance your Concrete CMS website? Look no further than our two must-have add-ons, available for FREE for a limited time!

Add animation

Add stunning animations to your website’s blocks and content with Add animation. Our library of 27 predefined animations, powered by the robust AOS CSS3 library, ensures that your website stays engaging and eye-catching. Customizable element attributes including offset, duration, easing, delay, anchor placement, and more make it easy to create the perfect animated look for your website.

Zen Counter

Create a custom animated counter that starts running when the block is visible with Zen Counter, a Concrete CMS block. You can access basic settings like Font Awesome Icons, title, and description, and advanced settings like the number of decimal places, duration, ease animation, and SMART easing threshold smooth. Zen Counter is based on the powerful countUp.js and appear.js libraries.

Take advantage of our special promotion and get these two must-have add-ons for Concrete CMS for FREE for two weeks! Upgrade your website’s design and functionality now.

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Did you intend to include links with this post?

Oops sorry…

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Finally, we can add a better user experience in dealing with the site - an absolute must-have today.

Thanks @dariuszgarus, well done!