403 Forbidden error when add/edit some of blocks

Is anyone have been faced with the same issue as mine?
when I add or edit some blocks then system showed 403 Forbidden error

All thing was work as well in a couple weeks ago but now it’s error as Below cases

  1. edit/add Block content, change some fonts color and error 403 when saving
    but if there is no color font then no error
  2. add Block gallery then 403 Forbidden error

This sounds like it might be a configuration error on your hosting. I would check the network tab in your browser to see which endpoints are actually getting the 403 - my hunch is it might be stringent security modules like mod_security or something blocking certain requests because they look “suspicious”, e.g. they contain MySQL keywords in them like “select” or “union”.

But ultimately probably a good question for your hosting provider support.

First of all, thank to you for replying.
I have checked with the Hosting provider and they actually did update the security.
Unfortunately, they can’t change anything only for my site.

So, I moved on to another Hosting provider.

You’re welcome, and that’s a good move - gotta have things able to run. :+1:

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