403 when saving a Showcase item in profile

As the title says, clicking the Save button when adding a Showcase Item generates a 403 and doesn’t save anything.

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Hi @mhawke
Interesting. Are you able to change your profile photo and information? Or is this specific to the showcase?

I managed to add 6 showcases without any issue, might be worth trying again.


Wow, OK, I’ll try again.

@mhawke are you able to add a showcase site? Or are you still having issues?

Nope, I’m still getting a 403 when I save.


I get similar when I try to update the main image on my profile

Here’s a workaround:

  • open the problematic image
  • take a screenshot of it (or export it as a new image from you image viewer)
  • upload that image

The problem is that previously uploaded images are triggering the WAF and the above should get around it until it’s resolved.