404s in Sitemap & Non-WWW URLs


My website is set up as www . example . com

When I check my sitemap, all URLs do not contain www. e.g. just example . com, not www . example . com. How do I only show www version in sitemap?

Secondly, some URLs within the sitemap are 404ing. How can you exclude 404s from sitemap?


Which version of Concrete CMS are you using?

I am using concrete5

Yeah, What VERSION of Concrete5 are you using?

Apologies. I presumed “5” was the version. I am not an expert.

Just wanted to bump this in case anyone was aware of a solution. No worries if not.


Most importantly, why are these pages 404?
Are there dead links in other pages?
Did the 404 pages used to exist, but are now in the trash?
As a first step, empty the trash and then run the generate sitemap job.

Check the canonical URL is set in the dashboard.

Then check your .htaccess (a hidden file in the server web root) for any code that is not part of the ‘pretty urls’ code inserted by concrete. Some of that may be legitimate, but there could be unwanted rules causing your issue.