5.7.13- Upgrade failed and now no page renders, just garbage

No HTML, just pages of:
PK zo”Kconcrete5-8.3.1/UT WÝ:ZûÝ:ZuxPKzo”KÒP¯ ãbmMconcrete5-8.3.1/composer.lockUT WÝ:ZòÝ:Z
I restored he database, put back an old copy of /concrete and it didn’t help.
The upgrade gave an error because one of the admins tripped up the database. It’s the roll-back that fails, and I find that very odd. Help?

Yeah if you roll back you’ll want to roll back the database and the core.

Are you updating via composer?

I created a fresh install of the old version, added in the add-ons, copied in the back up files, restored the database dump… got back to working and then upgraded the add-ons. THEN C5 updated without any problems. Not sure what “composer” is in this context - but it feels like I should.

HI @TLCary - composer is just a manner of installing Concrete via the command line - it’s a dependency manager: https://getcomposer.org/

But sounds like you weren’t using it so no need to worry about it! Glad things are looking better.