8.3.2 website down since Mysql 8 upgrade

Hi guys,

My hosting recently migrated from Mysql 5.7 to Mysql 8, since so my website that have been working perfectly is now broken / down (i m freelance architecte specialized into CG, so my website is mostly a portfolio gallery).

i came across some threads on the forum talking about known issues with migrating to Mysql 8, but for older versions on Concrete5 (5.x versions), the fix was to edit all the files containing “group” word to replace each occurence with “‘group’”, since for mysql 8 “group” or “groups” is reserved keyword.

Badly, the directories and files pointed in this thread do not match 8.x version directories.

Can someone point me to the easiest way to fix this problem, without having to remake the whole website from scratch ?

I m not a professionnal dev, i have spent various monthes learning and working on a theme design and customization of some addons, but there is 3 years that i didnt look at it, so i feel totally rusty and near to desperate.

Since my website is down, ofcourse i cant login to try updating concrete5 (even if i m afraid of not getting a smooth upgrate, regarding addons compatibility and customizations i made, that is part of the reason i didnt update the core until now).
I m not sure how a fresh install + restoring backup from actual version could work.

I also would like to know what is the oldest concrete5 version that can run under Mysql8 (for compatibility reasons i would choose the next to 8.3.2 version that can handle mysql8 with no problems) ?

Once again, I would really appreciate if someone can help me to solve this issue the most simple way.

Thanks !

Looking at you site it seems to work fine here.

Front end works for me too.

I expect the MySQL issues are with something to do with you being logged in and hence seeing the dashboard bar and panels.

If you have cPanel and CLI access, I would try updating concrete to 8.5.14 using the ’ Replacing the original Concrete Directory ’ and ’ Upgrading via the command line’ sections of How to Upgrade Concrete CMS

Take a database backup first.
Prepare the new core in a /concrete_new dir.
Keep your old concrete by renaming the /concrete dir to /concrete_old
Then rename /concrete_new to /concrete.
Then run the CLI update command.

Then once you are confident the site is all well, remember to clear out /concrete_old

Thank you

It is a kind of “bad timing”, at the same time i started to investigate the problem, i managed with my hosting service to be able to use the old version of mysql at least the time to find a solution to upgrade my site.

Hey John, thanks a lot for your advices

As i said to TMDesigns, my hosting decided to keep some servers with the old Mysql for a while, so at the time you checked the site it was up again.

That will let me have the time to upgrade i hope the most smoothly possible, and i will have a look at your post again when i can take care of that (tho i m not sure i can have CLI access and i m not used at all to this).

Hi Matt,

Please try updating your Concrete5 version to the latest release compatible with MySQL 8. As for the group keyword conflict, you might need to manually review your files for any occurrences of group and enclose them in backticks to resolve MySQL 8 reserved keyword conflict.