8.3.2 website upgrade

Hi all,

My site is running Concrete 8.3.2 version ( mattpesquet.com ), i want to upgrade it so it can work fine with Mysql 8 (few monthes ago my hosting upgraded mysql from 5.7 to 8 and my site was broken, then they kept some mysql 5.7 servers running for those like me that had some issues, but they are going to move everything to mysql 8 at some time).

I really want to use the most simple and secure upgrade method.

Anybody knows what is the oldest concrete version that works fine with mysql 8 ?

I want to minimize compatibility issues, i use at least one block addon (Whale Grid gallery) that is not updated from long time, i would really like to keep using this gallery that i customized to use Express object to associate and display datas linked to each image files.
I think i also remember that there have been a big update on express objects, and i dont the upgrade to break anything on this side.

I already made a database backup, is it ok to also backup only the ‘Application’ directory of my site ?
I have seen people having issues upgrading from 8.3 to 8.4 regarding PHP version, is there something to check on this side ? (my PHP version is 8.1.29)

For the upgrade process itself, what would you suggest as the most simple method, with dashboard upgrade ?

Thank you in advance

See my response to your other post.

Concrete v8 is not compatible with php8. Later v8 cores were compatible up to php7.4.

You may need an earlier php version to run 8.3.

Hey John,

If i m not mistaken, i checked PHP version through cPanel > phpMyAdmin, it says PHP version of the web server is 8.1.29, and my 8.3.2 concrete site is running totally fine.

For v8.3.2 on php8 lots of stuff will be broken. You just have not encountered it yet. Don’t risk running the update.

For v8.3.2 on php8 lots of stuff will be broken. You just have not encountered it yet. Don’t risk running the update.

After reading your last reply i double checked PHP version in cPannel (i was almost sure to be using PHP 7.x version since i created this site), the 8.1.29 version that appears in phpMyAdmin webserver info might be the latest available, but when i go to cPanel > PHP version selector i m currently using PHP 7.0

That should be fine to run the update ?

Yes, php7 is ideal for your update. Once updated you can flip it to php7.4.

The site environment report in the dashboard is the best source of current environment info.