8.5.5 crashes when adding html block

Another fine bug in 8.5.5. Add an html block anywhere and crash with an error page. Oh well.

is it just that page that is broken?? Does this do this if the html block is empty too? Usually when this happens it’s because there’s some javascript in the html block that doesn’t play nicely. If it’s just that page and you believe this may be the case, you can revert to the old page version before it was broken…

Try JohntheFish’s safe HTML block. It’s free and works.

I tried a different page and was able to put an html block into the global header area where I now put my css. I can’t get to the community marketplace because of this error:

/home/h2ggca/public_html/eaware/fabs/concrete/src/Page/Controller/MarketplaceDashboardPageController.php Line 98 Undefined variable: set

```This is what all my errors look like. Something doesn't exist close to the start of a php file. I'm running ccms 8.5.5 on php 7.4.24